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Dock Bumpers: Why Material Matters

boat dock bumpers

Boat dock bumpers are shock-absorbing devices used in fendering systems on dockage at marinas and ports. The proper use of dock bumpers (also referred to as a dock fender) helps protect boats, as well as the dock, from damage caused by incidental or unintentional impacts by the boat or boaters, or from the bumping and… Read more »

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Adhesive Bumpons for Your Home

silverware in drawer

Who knew that little bumpons can play such a big part in our home? Bumpons are a self-adhesive, indispensable rubber bumper designed for a variety of uses and applications throughout the entire house. They can be used in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms or bathrooms, or in the study or office—wherever needed to reduce and… Read more »

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Ways to Improve Entry Point Dock Safety with Trailer Dock Bumpers

trailer dock bumpers

When working in a warehouse there are some accessories that are simply easy to overlook, but trailer dock bumpers do not qualify. High-quality dock bumpers are the literal and figurative entry point to dock safety, essential for improving safety on warehouse loading docks. As warehouse equipment gets heavier and faster, not only does the risk of danger… Read more »

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3 Ways To Use Push In Rubber Bumpers-In Your Home

Push In Rubber Bumpers for Washer Dryer

Our home is our sanctuary; it is a haven that welcomes us from a long day at work. As homeowners, we spend valuable time and money to make and keep our home safe, functional and beautiful. Did you know a simple push-in rubber bumper can make use as a valuable tool to help keep your… Read more »

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Recessed Rubber Bumpers: The Real Interior Wall Heroes

recessed rubber bumpers for your home interior

When you think about the amount of time and money you spend on decorating, painting, renovating, and maintaining the walls and floors of your home, it seems crazy to think that millions of Americans fail to address one of the biggest threats to the surfaces in your house, your furniture, and doors! While doors provide… Read more »

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Its Summer! Get Bumpers for Your Dock!

Protection Your Watercraft with Dock Bumpers

It’s that time of year again, boat season! People all over the country will be heading out to the coastline or lakeshore to drop their boat in for the summer. When it comes to your boat, you want the ultimate protection from damage and the best place to start is at the dock. Protective dock… Read more »