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Foam Rubber Sheet vs. Sponge Rubber Sheet: What’s the Difference?

foam rubber sheet

Foam rubber sheet and sponge rubber sheet are two distinct materials that are often confused with each other. Both foam and sponge sheets are rubbery materials composed of elastomers, and synthetic polymers with elastic properties. More than elasticity, however, elastomers are deformable as well. In other words, they can be compressed, bent, or stretched, and… Read more »

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What’s the Difference Between EPDM and Viton Rubber Sheeting?

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EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) and Viton are two thermoset elastomeric polymer materials that are used in applications across many industrial sectors. Though there are differences between the two, each material is noted for its very good compression strength, flexibility, and weatherability. However, what makes EPDM rubber sheeting a popular roofing material and Viton a… Read more »

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Rubber Matting for Commercial and Industrial Floors

rubber matting for commercial spaces

Rubber matting for floors has many applications for just about any purpose. Whether looking for protection, safety, preservation, comfort, or ‘all of the above,’ rubber matting is the answer for any home or business in any residential, industrial, or commercial environment. When the weather turns to rain or snow, rolling out corrugated rubber matting in… Read more »

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What’s the Difference Between Open and Closed Cell Foam Sheets?

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An open and closed cell foam supplier may seem like a niche market, but the two types of foams have many industrial applications. More than selecting a rubber sheet or compound, each material has distinct structures to meet specific requirements, depending on the use. Foam, in general, is made from polymers such as polyurethane, polyethylene, EPDM… Read more »