TPO Roof Walkway


roof2Tuff Trac® TPO roof walkway pads and runners offer a safe, simple, economical method of protecting roofs from damage due to roof traffic. Tuff Trac® roof walkway pads help cushion the impact of repetitive foot traffic, protect the underlying roof membrane from damage caused by tool drops, and help absorb the shock that is otherwise transmitted to the roof membrane.

Tuff Trac® TPO roof walkway is manufactured from a fibrous mixture of 55% recycled TPO roofing, specially formulated for outdoor use. Unlike competitive products, it will not expand and contract.

Tuff-Trac® TPO Diamond Plate walkway is made with a versatile formula that is compatible with single-ply TPO roof membranes and can be used on new and existing roofs to provide maintenance-free walkways for workers to access air conditioning equipment, water supply or electrical equipment. Installation is quick and easy: simply heat weld the smooth safety edge to new or existing TPO roofs using standard hot air weld equipment.

Tuff Trac® TPO Diamond Plate roof walkway is recommended for protection of TPO roof membrane in areas subjected to frequent foot traffic or maintenance.

roof3Tuff Trac® TPO roof walkways are frequently used for:

  • All access points (ladders, hatches, doorways) to the roof
  • Protection near window washing equipment
  • Around rooftop equipment that requires periodic maintenance
  • Installation
  • Remove any loose debris and clean TPO roof membrane and allow to dry prior to application of walkway
  • Roll out and cut to desired length up to 10’ (3.05 m) and allow to relax while placing into the desired position
  • Install Tuff Trac® TPO roof walkway with a continuous weld around the perimeter

Colors: White and Yellow safety border, White, and Gray. (Gray and Yellow safety border available as a special order.)

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