Recessed Rubber Bumpers: The Real Interior Wall Heroes

recessed rubber bumpers for your home interiorWhen you think about the amount of time and money you spend on decorating, painting, renovating, and maintaining the walls and floors of your home, it seems crazy to think that millions of Americans fail to address one of the biggest threats to the surfaces in your house, your furniture, and doors! While doors provide entry and furniture offers a place for family and friends to gather, doorknobs, chairs, tables, desks, and other types of furniture can wreak havoc on your walls and floors. Sure, a few minor scratches won’t be too noticeable, but what about a big dent, a chip in the wood, or a hole in your wall? No matter what your interior design aesthetic, there’s nothing stylish about throwing away money on damage that could have been prevented with a simple and inexpensive product! Today we’re talking about the real hero of your home’s surfaces, recessed rubber bumpers. They might be a mouthful to say out loud, but these effective little wonders could save you a pocket full of cash!

What Are Bumpers?
Bumpers are just what they sound like. When you “bump” furniture or a doorknob against a wall or floor, a bumper absorbs some of the shock, preventing damage to the surface. For this reason, they are an ideal way to easily protect your home’s surfaces. Unlike furniture, appliances, and doorknobs which are made from metal and wood, bumpers are made from soft materials like natural rubber and neoprene. Bumpers are made in various shapes and configurations in order to offer versatility and options to the user. Because of the many designs and options available, bumpers can be used in industrial applications, or simply around your home to prevent damage to your walls and floors. Bumpers are black but can be ordered in custom colors to better match your furniture so you can maintain your home design style.

Where Do I Put The Bumpers?
Bumpers can attach to the feet of furniture, on a wall facing side, on furniture corners, or attached directly to the wall to protect from damaging doorknobs. Since there is a wide range of shapes and configurations, you can order a variety and protect all of the surfaces around your home from the potential damage that furniture can cause. With bumpers in place, you can entertain or simply enjoy your living space with the peace of mind that comes from knowing regular use won’t contribute to inadvertently putting holes, dents, and scratches on walls and floors. Bumpers feature a mechanical fastening system which securely affixes them anywhere they’re needed.

How Do I Order Recessed Rubber Bumpers?
Getting your own recessed bumpers is easy. First, walk around your home, office, or facility and make a list of any furniture, carts, doors, or equipment that comes in contact with a surface. Once you’ve made a list, you can begin your order. At Manufacturer’s Rubber, we always suggest ordering a few more than you think you need, just in case you rearrange, get additional furniture, or find something you overlooked. Bumpers offer a failsafe for costly damage in your home, and in most cases, you can order dozens of bumpers before you come close to reaching the cost of repairs for just one hole in a wall! When you’re ready to order, just select from the variety of styles including round top, flat top, and doughnut top, then select hardness and place your order. If you have questions or need help making a choice, we’re always here to help. Give us a call today!

Photo: Steve Larkin

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