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Dock Bumpers: Why Material Matters

boat dock bumpers

Boat dock bumpers are shock-absorbing devices used in fendering systems on dockage at marinas and ports. The proper use of dock bumpers (also referred to as a dock fender) helps protect boats, as well as the dock, from damage caused by incidental or unintentional impacts by the boat or boaters, or from the bumping and… Read more »

3 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Silicone O-Rings

oil refinery and petroleum industry

Considered an industry-standard, silicone O-rings hold excellent mechanical properties that perform in the most extreme conditions. Silicone materials, in general, are exceptionally versatile. The material is not only used in the fabrication of seals, gaskets, and O-rings, but in numerous other applications such as adhesives, lubricants, thermal and electrical insulation, and in medical devices, and… Read more »

How to Choose the Best Rubber Bushing Supplier

car off roading

Most people scarcely give a thought to mundane items like rubber bushings. Unless you are an expert in the field, you would never know they are in the machinery and products you use when running at peak efficiency. The layman often learns their importance when something mechanical breaks down or begins to operate poorly.

Advantages of High-Temperature O-Rings

car motor

When it comes to forces able to deteriorate mechanical components, one of the most destructive is heat. Because of this, it is especially important to make components for such applications from compounds that can withstand a high temperature. O-rings are mechanical gaskets shaped like doughnuts, made from an elastomer loop with round cross-sections that are designed to… Read more »

How is Mass Loaded Vinyl Used for Soundproofing Applications?

commercial building

Mass-loaded vinyl soundproofing is used in industrial, commercial, and residential environments to create sound barriers between walls, flooring, ceilings, partitions, and other surfaces. Commonly referred to by its acronym, MLV, mass-loaded vinyl is an acoustic material often installed during construction or remodeling where soundproofing is needed or required.

Which is Better: EPDM or TPO Roofing?

Roof Walkway Pads for building safety

What is TPO roofing versus EPDM roofing is not an uncommon question asked in the commercial roofing industry. The short answer is that they are two kinds of synthetic rubber roofing membranes used widely in commercial roofing systems to seal roofs. Which material is better is another question, with the application of one or the… Read more »

O-Ring or Gasket: Which Seal Should I Use for My Application?

Selecting an o-ring vs. gasket will depend on the application. Each is a type of everyday mechanical seal frequently used in machines, motors, engines, piping, pipelines, fixtures, and the like. O-rings and gaskets join and seal parts and components found in these devices to prevent gas or fluid leakage from them.

A Guide to Nitrile O-Rings and Seals

car motor

Nitrile o-rings and seals are the most commonly used o-rings and seals on the market. The popularity of the material is due in large part to its excellent mechanical properties. O-ring seals are a necessity, an integral component found in mechanical devices, equipment, and machines. The familiar doughnut-shaped gaskets are used in a variety of… Read more »

What is the Best Lubricant for O-Rings?

choosing the correct Silicone o-rings, Fluorosilicone o-rings, and many more

Lubrication of O-rings is essential for the proper function and full-service life of the seal, but also to ensure the machine, motor, engine, or device in which it is placed does not malfunction from a blown seal. A grease or oil application at assembly helps to protect the O-ring from damage during use. An additional… Read more »

How to Check Your O-Ring Installation

oring in agricultural machines

The O-ring installation process is vital to the proper function and operation of numerous mechanical devices and applications. Used in many industrial sectors—transportation, aerospace, agriculture, medical, oil and gas, food, plumbing, and electronics to name a few—the familiar circular, ringed-shaped seals are indispensable mechanical components fitted on valves, pipes, pumps, shafts, couplings, and engines, to… Read more »

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