Switch Board Insulative Matting


Engineered with a substantially higher margin of safety performance, Tuff-Trac® ASTM matting is designed to insulate employees working on or in the vicinity of high voltage equipment by interrupting the electrical path to ground.

Biltrite® has over forty years of Switchboard manufacturing experience in both rubber and vinyl. Our Tuff-Trac® Type II Class 2 formula was developed after years of testing experience showed that polymers enriched with functional additives would provide greater insulative resistance. We verify all Tuff-Trac® Type II Class 2 matting for dielectric resistance to 30,000 VAC per ASTM D-178. In addition, we perform extreme testing on every production batch to confirm our formula delivers a higher margin of safety up to 50,000 VAC.

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Applications: Typical switchboard matting applications include power boards, electrical rooms, transformer stations, switching gear, bucket floors, mines, subways or any other high voltage workplace.

Materials: Tuff-Trac® Switchboard insulative matting is also available per military specification MIL-DTL-15562 and is currently used by the US Navy. Tuff Trac® provides a significant margin of safety beyond standard use recommendations.

Thickness: Tuff Trac® insulative matting is available in four thicknesses (Class 1, 2, 3 & 4), offering various levels of protection depending on the specific environment of intended use.


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All Tuff Trac® Switchboard insulative matting undergoes dielectric testing and, as a matter of safety significantly exceeds the recommended maximum use VAC.

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