Its Summer! Get Bumpers for Your Dock!

Protection Your Watercraft with Dock BumpersIt’s that time of year again, boat season! People all over the country will be heading out to the coastline or lakeshore to drop their boat in for the summer. When it comes to your boat, you want the ultimate protection from damage and the best place to start is at the dock. Protective dock bumpers come in a range of sizes and shapes, so when it comes to picking the right bumper for your dock it’s really based on the size of your watercraft. At Manufacturer’s Rubber & Supply, we can help you chose which dock bumper is best for your boat.

Truck and Trailer Bumpers

Before you get to the dock, protect your watercraft and vehicle alike with rubber trailer bumpers. Rubber bumpers are specifically designed to protect the rear of your truck or utility trailer when backing on a ramp or boat launch. Our trailer dock bumpers are constructed from high tensile, abrasion-resistant rubber and are molded into various sizes, shapes, and styles for to meet most any loading dock protection application.

Bumpers for Smaller Boats

There are four main types of bumpers including side bumpers, corner bumpers, boat rollers, and vertical bumpers, and each one performs a unique purpose in protecting the vulnerable parts of your boat. For instance, smaller boats don’t need oversized bumpers and medium to large boats shouldn’t try to get by on the lightweight sizes.

If you have a low-riding bass boat or jet ski, then you can get by with installing the minimum amount of protection on your boat with side bumpers and corner bumpers. This will ensure that you don’t scrape your boat against the hard sides or corners of your dock as you’re making your way in after a long day at the lake.

Bumpers for Medium to Large Boats

If your boat is a pontoon or runabout, you may consider large corner bumpers, large gas dock bumpers with a lip, or even specialty bumpers. These bumpers are durable and large enough to ensure complete protection of your boat while docking.

Molded rubber dock bumpers resist abrasion and provide weatherization that will help protect docks, dock levelers, and shelters for years to come. Any time you order a product from Manufacturer’s Rubber & Supply, you can expect the lowest prices, quick shipping, and friendly customer service. Start your summer boating season off right by requesting a quote for trailer and dock bumpers today!

Photo Credit: Bearskin Lodge

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