Rubber Sheet Specs

Manufacturer’s Rubber & Supply has sheet stock rubber in a broad range of widths and gauges: Neoprene Sheet/ Nitrile Sheet and EPDM Sheet/ Red Sheet Packing. Ideally suited for gaskets, seals, linings, padding, vibration pads, matting and available with fabric reinforcements.

Neoprene (CR)
Very good resilience to weather, ozone, natural aging, and to alkalis and acids. Good resilience to flame, abrasion, and flex cracking.

Commercial Grade Satin Finish
AB-250 | AB-260 | AB-270
Industrial Grade Plate Finish
AB-245 | AB-255 | AB-265 | AB-275
Premium Grade
AB-253 | AB-263 | AB-273 | AB-279 | AB-289

Nitrile (NBR)
Superior resistance to petroleum-based hydraulic fluids; wide range of service temperatures, very good resistance to alkalies and acids.

Nitrile (NBR)
AB-355 | AB-364 | AB-365 | AB-366 | AB-375 | TG50-064

Ethylene – Propylene – Diene (EPDM)
Excellent resistance to heat, ozone and sunlight; very good flexibility at low temperatures; superior resistance to water and steam.

Ethylene – Propyle – Diene (EPDM)

Ethylene – Propyle – Diene (EPDM)


Red Sheet Packing
Commercial Blend SBR for industrial gaskets.

Red Sheet Packing
AB-613 | AB-616 | AB-618 | AB-619 | AB-665


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