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What Is a Gasket?

Variety of Gasket Sizes | what is a gasket

What is a gasket? Typically, “gasket” is a common term for a sealing device positioned at the point where two surfaces meet. Gaskets are in buildings, electronic equipment, motor vehicles, and a plethora of other mechanisms, performing similar functions to seals. Although commonly shaped like rings, gaskets can also come in other shapes. But how… Read more »

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Gasket vs. O-Ring: Which Seal Should I Use?

O-Ring Materials | buna vs. viton

When it is time to replace a seal, knowing the differences between a gasket vs. o-ring is essential for the application to function as designed. Each type of mechanical seal is used in numerous applications ranging from engines, motors, machines, and pumps to cylinders, piping, valves, tools, equipment, and so on. Both gaskets and o-rings… Read more »

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O-Ring or Gasket: Which Seal Should I Use for My Application?

Selecting an o-ring vs. gasket will depend on the application. Each is a type of everyday mechanical seal frequently used in machines, motors, engines, piping, pipelines, fixtures, and the like. O-rings and gaskets join and seal parts and components found in these devices to prevent gas or fluid leakage from them.

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What Is the Best Gasket Material for Gasoline?

What is the Best Gasket Material for Gasoline?

Gaskets are those familiar, indispensable rubber components that are used in all industrial, manufacturing, or mechanical processes. A gasket provides the sealing and cushioning material that fills the space between two mated parts or surfaces to prevent leakage or seepage of various lubricants, fluids, gases, and fumes, and to join objects together under compression. To… Read more »

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How to Choose the Right Rubber Gaskets for Your Application

Different Shapes and Sizes of Gaskets

There are many different tasks that call for gaskets. Gaskets are crucial for preventing the leak of fluids or air in a variety of different applications. Since gaskets are available in many different sizes and materials, selecting the right gasket can be a challenging and sometimes overwhelming experience. Below we discuss some tips on how… Read more »