3 Ways To Use Push In Rubber Bumpers-In Your Home

Push In Rubber Bumpers for Washer DryerOur home is our sanctuary; it is a haven that welcomes us from a long day at work. As homeowners, we spend valuable time and money to make and keep our home safe, functional and beautiful. Did you know a simple push-in rubber bumper can make use as a valuable tool to help keep your home safe and looking its best? Below we discuss the push-in rubber bumper, what it is, and three ways you can put it to use in your everyday life at home.

What are Push-In Rubber Bumpers?

Push-in rubber bumpers are durable pieces of hardware that work exactly how they sound. When you “bump” furniture or a doorknob against the wall or floor, a bumper is designed to absorb the shock, which prevents damage to the surface. Bumpers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to be used in any application. They are extremely user-friendly, requiring no tools for installation.

3 Useful Home Tips Using Push-In Rubber Bumpers

No Running in the House!
You’ve just gotten home from a long day at work. The kids are home from school unwinding and your spouse is working late. You preheat the oven and start to boil some water on the stove. Your focus right now is getting dinner on the table while the kids are running around burning energy before bed. Kids will treat your house like an indoor playground: running, climbing and jumping. Some of the furniture you have in your living space has sharp edges that are at your children’s eye level which could be a recipe for disaster. Thank goodness for the peace of mind that push-in rubber bumpers bring you. Cover up those sharp corners on furniture with a push in rubber bumper. These mini super tools can protect your children from serious injuries that can occur from coming into contact with furniture corners.

Sound Proof the Furniture!
Your toddler has discovered the joys of your kitchen cabinets with the endless fun of opening and then slamming the doors shut. A simple push-in rubber bumper on the inside of your cabinet doors can protect the life of your cabinets, and also create a buffer for the loud repetitive pounding noise your toddler loves so much. Think of it as soundproofing your furniture.

Shhh, the Kids are Sleeping!
The kids have been fed, their teeth have been brushed, and now they are off to bed beds. You’re just about to sit down and relax, and then you remember the skyscraper pile of laundry that has been staring you down all week. Good thing you installed the push-in rubber bumpers on the bottom of your washer and dryer to reduce the sound of the vibration hitting your hardwood floors. Not only do the push-in rubber bumpers mask the noise and vibration, they also act as “feet” for your furniture to protect your floors from scratching and scraping.

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