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Standard O-Ring Kits


Manufacturer’s Rubber & Supply offers a large selection of O-ring kits and accessories to help ensure that you have the right kind of rings when you need them. Our O-rings industrial rubber products are made of Nitrile, Teflon®, and Viton® materials and in a wide range of sizes. Order your prepped O-Ring kit and keep spares to extend the life of your product.

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Plumber’s Pak O-Rings 70D Nitrile
Industrial Pak O-Rings 70D Nitrile
Quattro-Seals 70D Nitrile
Boss Seal O-Rings 90D Nitrile
Boss Seal O-Rings 90D Viton®
Contoured Back-up Rings 90D Nitrile
Teflon O-Rings Teflon®
Teflon Back-up Rings Teflon®
Japanese O-Rings 70D Nitrile
U.S. Industrial O-Rings 70D Nitrile
U.S. Industrial O-Rings 90D Nitrile
U.S. Industrial O-Rings 75D Viton®
Metric O-Rings 70D Nitrile
Metric O-Rings 75D Viton®
Quad-Seal 70D Nitrile
AN6226 U-Cups 70D Nitrile
Freon R-134A O-Rings 70D Green HSN
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