Parker Super O-Lube

Parker Super O-Lube for Any Rubber Polymer!

parker-superParker Super O-Lube is a silicone based lubricant intended to compliment Parker O-Lube in that it can be used with virtually any rubber polymer. Super O-Lube can also be used over a wider temperature range and in most cases will provide improved environmental protection to the elastomer. It is recommended that Super O-Lube be used sparingly as only a thin film is necessary for optimum results. This lubricant is useful with a wide variety of fluid media since it is quite inert. High-pressure systems, as well as vacuum uses, are typical applications where Super O-Lube is beneficial. Temperature range is -65°F to +400°F.

Parker Super O-Lube is nontoxic and non-irritating under normal conditions. It will not clog 30-micron filters and is unusually moisture resistant and adheres with unusual tenacity.

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