Ways to Improve Entry Point Dock Safety with Trailer Dock Bumpers

trailer dock bumpersWhen working in a warehouse there are some accessories that are simply easy to overlook, but trailer dock bumpers do not qualify. High-quality dock bumpers are the literal and figurative entry point to dock safety, essential for improving safety on warehouse loading docks. As warehouse equipment gets heavier and faster, not only does the risk of danger for employees increase, but so does the possibility of destruction to equipment and warehouse buildings. Quality rubber dock bumpers prevent potentially hazardous situations and promote efficient function for safer loading and unloading.

Safety of Employees

The safety of the individuals working in a warehouse is of the utmost importance – even the most experienced, skilled employees aren’t 100% safe in a high-risk work environment, but there are steps you can take to promote protection. Aside from the basic safety rules: slow down, watch your step, keep your fingers clear, the best way to help ensure the safety of individuals on loading docks is by sustaining long-lasting, quality trailer dock bumpers

Protection of Equipment

A loading dock is easily the most heavily used area of any warehouse, making it one of the most vital areas to maintain, particularly for safety purposes. It’s common to see significant wear and tear over the life of rubber bumpers on loading docks – they get used constantly! By encouraging increased safety at your point of entry, the processes that follow will naturally run more smoothly. By resisting abrasion and weather, rubber dock bumpers offer long-term protection of loading docks.

Order Trailer Dock Bumpers

At Manufacturer’s Rubber & Supply, we are proud to offer a large selection of high-quality, durable rubber dock bumpers for any of your projects. Many factors affect bumper selection, from dock height to truck volume. Whether you are looking for truck trailer bumpers, bumpers with washers, or specialty bumpers, let our team supply you with all your rubber bumper needs. Contact us to request a quote today!

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