Water Jet Cutting Services: From Prototype to Fabrication

Water Jet Cutting Services New Hampshire MRS provides Nationwide water jet cutting services to cut standard and prototype parts from cad files or dimensional drawings. Waterjet cutting is an established method of producing parts for numerous applications including architectural, aerospace, automotive, marine, textile and manufacturing.

Capabilities: From design to fabrication water-jet cutting is the popular choice for small and large production runs. Any size projects are welcomed!

  1. Prototype to Production
  2. Complex Shapes
  3. Short and Long Runs
  4. Low-cost prototypes with accuracy
  5. No tooling lead times
  6. Water jet cutting to .001” thick to 8” thick
  7. 60” x 120” work area.
  8. Accurate to within +/- .005

Cutting services available for cutting shapes and patterns from virtually any type of material using high-pressure water and abrasive materials such as crushed garnet. Advantages of water jet and abrasive cutting services include the precision of the water stream creates minimal kerf width allowing for tight tolerance and nesting capabilities, which maximizes the yield of parts created per sheet of material; as well as not producing any warping in materials cut since it is not a heat process.

Materials: Typical materials include but are not limited to rubber, carbon fiber, non-asbestos, aluminum, brass, silicone, cardboard, cork, foam, nylon and steel among multiple others.

If you have any questions or would like to get specifics for your water jet cutting project, contact us!

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