Adhesive Bumpons for Your Home

silverware in drawerWho knew that little bumpons can play such a big part in our home? Bumpons are a self-adhesive, indispensable rubber bumper designed for a variety of uses and applications throughout the entire house. They can be used in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms or bathrooms, or in the study or office—wherever needed to reduce and prevent the damaging effects of constant friction and contact on or across any surface.

The small polyurethane pads are most commonly recognizable on the backside of mirrors or picture frames to protect walls from being scratched. However, upon a closer look, the uses for bumpons are many and the applications for them can be found in every room in the house. Not just for the back of picture frames or mirrors—open your kitchen cabinet doors, pick up your cutting board, under the glass table top, or look along the inside frame of your sliding glass door, or on the bottom of your appliances, tables, end tables, chairs, couches, bed stands, or computer and other electronic equipment. You’ll find a small bumpon there, if not it should be.

Bumpons may be a small product, but they are designed to go a long way and make a big difference in protecting your furnishings, furniture, appliances, and equipment in your home. Here are some ways that the tiny rubber pads can limit damage, dampen sound, and absorb shock and vibration that occurs with frequent contact of household items:

Damage control

Rubber bumpons are an ideal solution to prevent recurring damage to surfaces such as floors, countertops, doorframes, tabletops, walls, and the like. Protect your wooden floors or tile from the continuous jolts or slipping, sliding, and moving of couches or chairs by placing bumpons on the bottom legs of the furniture. Do the same for major appliances like washing machines. In each instance, placing a bumpon on the bottom of the footing will also increase the load-bearing capacity of the furniture or appliance and provide better wear resistance. Place bumpons on the bottom of your cutting boards to prevent scratches across your kitchen counters. Use on coasters to prevent scratching to coffee tables and end tables. Strategically placed bumpons can act as a doorstop to protect interior walls.

Dampen sound

Benefit from the bothersome slamming of kitchen cabinet doors and cupboard doors by adding bumpons to them. The rubber pads act to absorb sound on contact and limit the long-term wear and tear to the cabinet and cupboard doors, face frames, and panels. Place them on any drawer in any room—dressers, bureaus, kitchen, bathrooms—wherever drawers are opened and closed repeatedly throughout the day to dampen the repeated blows to the drawer box and face frame of the cabinet or table.

Shock absorbers

In the same way that bumpons dampen sound, they also act as a stabilizing force when in contact with any surface. They absorb the shock and vibration of slamming doors, drawers, and movement of appliances like washing machines and dryers. Constant vibration can cause objects like pictures or China to move around or fall off hutch shelves, closet shelves, tabletops, or from countertops. Bumpons can also absorb the sliding closet doors and exterior sliding glass doors. They will protect the doorframe and, in the case of glass doors, prevent the possibility of it shattering.

Bumpons then, are a simple, inexpensive, and unobtrusive solution to prevent, limit, and contain damage to surfaces throughout your house. Whether used as stops, spacers or footings, bumpons will quietly and effectively protect your household furnishings, furniture, floors, and valuables from the wear and tear of everyday life. For more home saving tips, check out our post 3 Ways to Use Push In Rubber Bumpers- In Your Home.

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