Rubber Matting for Commercial and Industrial Floors

rubber matting for commercial applicationsRubber matting for floors has many applications for just about any purpose. Whether looking for protection, safety, preservation, comfort, or ‘all of the above,’ rubber matting is the answer for any home or business in any residential, industrial, or commercial environment. When the weather turns to rain or snow, rolling out corrugated rubber matting in the entryways of stores and businesses can solve and prevent a lot of problems. Though interlocking comfort matting is most often associated with gym flooring, it has a range of unique properties well suited for a variety of applications in the home or business.

The Benefits of Investing in Rubber Matting

  • One of the prime benefits of rubber matting is the protection it offers for floors and flooring. Heavyweight and high volume foot traffic can punish carpet, concrete, wood or tile in just about any setting. Foot traffic and any combination of dirt, grit, sand, moisture, mud, or muck being tracked across the floor is going to cause serious problems. Eventually, a well-worn path, quite literally, forms through homes, offices, stores, factories, showrooms, theaters, and businesses of all kinds. The sight not only is an eyesore but once the flooring has been subjected to such damage, the wear and tear is enough to affect the structural integrity of the floor itself.
  • Rubber matting for floors in areas of heavy foot traffic can prevent permanent damage to flooring. It is particularly useful during those times of year when the tracking of rain or snow inside can cause the most damage to the floors. Ugly water stains, chipped and warped flooring, or ragged, torn carpets can be avoided with rubber matting in entryways, aisles, and areas subjected to heavy foot traffic. The matting keeps the floor safe, but it will also preserve the flooring.
  • By protecting your flooring, you are in effect preserving it, too. By preserving the structural integrity of the flooring from unsightly damage it is not only aesthetically pleasing but cost-effective. This rings true for commercial enterprises. Entries into department stores, industrial complexes, office and apartment buildings, theaters and other like commercial buildings receive substantially heavy pedestrian flow and are subject to just as heavy wear. During the rainy or snowy seasons having rubber matting laid at the entryways for customers, clients, residents, visitors, staff, etc., is the best means to preserve the floor and save on unwanted capital expenditures.
  • Laying rubber matting across or over floors can protect and preserve your floors, but it also makes your floors safe. This is particularly important in any commercial environment. Inclement weather can make floors slippery and lead to accidents. Businesses can go a long way in ensuring employee and customer safety with the extra traction that rubber matting floors can provide.

Protect Your Floors and Your Clients

While rolling out rubber matting across entryways and aisle floors in stores, showrooms, and any public building is a good idea during the rain and snowy seasons, covering an entire surface with rubber matting can provide safety and comfort for customers, employees and visitors year round. Interlocking comfort flooring is a familiar sight in sports facilities, but it can make an ideal surface for many work and play environments.

Safety is one of the best features of interlocking comfort flooring. Liability issues go hand-in-hand with operating a business. The no-slip, grease resistant mat flooring can prevent ‘Slip and Fall’ accidents from happening to employees, customers, visitors or guests of any kind. For example, the excellent traction makes the matting perfect for the slippery floors in restaurants, especially in and around kitchens. But they are also good for any industrial environment—in garages, warehouses, or factories. Anywhere that a potential for ‘Slip and Fall’ accident could happen, interlocking comfort flooring can be easily installed as a preventive measure.

Concrete flooring in warehouses and factory lines can also cause discomfort and lead to a health issue with staff and employees who are on their feet all day. Standing for eight-hour shifts or longer can strain feet, legs, and lower backs. This can lead to slowdowns in production, lost work hours, and even unnecessary injury. The latter could lead to insurance or liability claims. Consider installing interlocking comfort flooring. It acts as shock absorbent padding and can relieve the pain and discomfort associated with extended periods of standing.

The shock absorbent properties of the matting also make the flooring a very good safeguard for children in playrooms, playgrounds, and nurseries at daycare centers and kindergartens. Rubber matting is great for surfaces where children are running around and playing. The mats stay put, are inexpensive and an easy DIY project to install.

Protection, preservation, safety, and comfort are just some of the benefits that rubber matting floors offer consumers. Rubber mats are also affordable, low maintenance and easy to clean, exceptionally durable, and because they are made with recycled tires, and environmentally friendly. At Manufacturer’s Rubber & Supply, we can customize any order, and we can supply retailers with rubber matting flooring at wholesale. When you order with us, we can supply all material with PSA and we can strip, slit, kiss cut and die cut the matting of your choice.

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