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How to Avoid Leaks in O-Ring Applications


Avoiding O-ring leaks in applications is necessary to maintain the integrity of mechanical systems. Compromised O-rings will reduce efficiency, performance issues, and potential system failures. You ensure the system operates as intended and maintains functionality by preventing leaks.

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Understanding Liquid Silicone Rubber: Applications, Advantages, and More

liquid silicone

In the world of manufacturing and product development, liquid silicone rubber (LSR) has emerged as a versatile material with a wide range of applications and benefits. From consumer electronics to medical devices, the use of LSR has revolutionized various industries, offering unparalleled advantages in terms of flexibility, durability, and precision.

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What Is a Gasket?

Variety of Gasket Sizes | what is a gasket

What is a gasket? Typically, “gasket” is a common term for a sealing device positioned at the point where two surfaces meet. Gaskets are in buildings, electronic equipment, motor vehicles, and a plethora of other mechanisms, performing similar functions to seals. Although commonly shaped like rings, gaskets can also come in other shapes. But how… Read more »

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How Does Temperature Affect O-Ring Function?

Assortment of ORing Sizes | high-temperature o-ring

A high-temperature O-ring consists of material that can function effectively at elevated temperatures. Damaged O-rings and related performance issues common to O-ring failure at high temperatures can be directly attributed to incorrect material for the application. Every type of elastomeric material used for O-rings has its own temperature limits to function effectively. Exceeding these limits… Read more »

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How Synthetic Rubber Is Made: A Pocket Guide

how synthetic rubber is made

Understanding how synthetic rubber is made allows manufacturers to produce a wider range of products for use in both industrial and consumer markets. From tubing to tires, o-rings to gaskets, and sneakers to basketballs, synthetic rubber is an indispensable material used in the manufacture of countless goods and products around the globe. Knowing how synthetic… Read more »

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What Are Micro or Miniature O-Rings (and Why Are They Important?)

Wide Variety of Rubber O-Rings | o-ring material | micro o-rings

In sectors where precision is paramount, like engineering and manufacturing, micro o-rings, also known as miniature o-rings, play a pivotal role in success. These tiny, often overlooked components ensure seamless operations, acting as trustworthy barriers between pristine environments and the rest of the world. Although they are similar to other gaskets and o-rings, their size… Read more »

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Comparing O-Rings vs. Grommets: How They Work

What is a grommet used for? Though they may seem similar (as each is a ring-shaped rubber component), grommet uses are far different than what an o-ring is used for. Beyond their common shape and use of similar materials, they differ in design and utility. In other words, just because they look the same doesn’t… Read more »

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Foam Rubber Sheet vs. Sponge Rubber Sheet: What’s the Difference?

foam rubber sheet

Foam rubber sheet and sponge rubber sheet are two distinct materials that are often confused with each other. Both foam and sponge sheets are rubbery materials composed of elastomers, and synthetic polymers with elastic properties. More than elasticity, however, elastomers are deformable as well. In other words, they can be compressed, bent, or stretched, and… Read more »

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Different Types of Rubber Grommets: A Pocket Guide

different types of Rubber Grommets for many applications

Different types of rubber grommets are commonly used in various applications to protect, isolate, seal, dampen, cushion, or secure items that pass through a hole or opening, or contact each other. A small, yet essential component, grommets are typically made from a variety of rubber materials. Silicone grommets or neoprene grommets, for example, are different… Read more »

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9 Advantages of Buying Reelcraft Cord Reels

reelcraft cord reel

Reelcraft cord reel products make your cords last longer, saving you time and money and preventing safety risks. From hand-cranked reels to spring-driven and motor-driven reels, no matter your industry or application, using Reelcraft products can extend the lifespan of your cords while benefiting your business. In this blog, we’ll cover nine ways Reelcraft reels… Read more »