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Why Should I Use Silicone Rubber for Optimum Sealing?

oil refinery and petroleum industry

Silicone rubber is the most common synthetic polymer on the market today. It is a durable, resilient, and versatile material with applications ranging from silicone o-rings, gaskets, numerous sealants, and cable insulation to bottle nipples, tires, conveyor belts, and implants. Products and components manufactured with silicone rubber are used in such industrial sectors as aerospace,… Read more »

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What is the Best Gasket Material for Gasoline?

What is the Best Gasket Material for Gasoline?

Gaskets are those familiar, if not indispensable, rubber components that are used in all industrial, manufacturing or mechanical processes. A gasket provides the sealing and cushioning material that fills the space between two mated parts or surfaces to prevent leakage or seepage of various lubricants, fluids, gases and fumes, and-or to join objects together under… Read more »

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What is the Best O-Ring Material?

O ring suppliers - collection of o rings

O-Rings are an integral component in most industrial and mechanical systems. Because o-ring material selection is driven by an industrial or mechanical system, that system will define which material is best suited to fulfill the application requirements of the O-Ring. Therefore, the best O-Ring material is the material best-suited for the application. Today, the familiar… Read more »

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Buna vs Viton Seals: What’s the Difference?

O-Ring Materials

When it comes to selecting Buna vs. Viton for your sealing applications, material needs will be determined by its intended application. Viton and Buna are two durable, elastomer materials commonly used in sealing applications for O-rings and gaskets. O-rings and gaskets are seals that are compressed in an area between two or more surfaces that… Read more »

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A Guide to the Water Jet Cutting Process

Water Jet Cutting Services New Hampshire

Water jet cutting services offer industries an efficient method to cut materials for the fabrication of parts and components. From making a prototype to production runs large and small, water jet cutting produces shapes and patterns to meet fabrication needs with virtually any type of material. Because of its versatility and precision cutting, the water… Read more »

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Make O-Ring Installation and Extraction Easier With This Handy Guide

brass oring installation and extraction tool kit

It might be argued that no other component is more overlooked in fluid power systems than the most crucial one—the O-ring. O-rings are vital to those systems functioning properly. Therefore, having an O-ring installation tool will ensure the proper installation of the O-ring itself. The right O-ring installation tools can help avoid or even prevent… Read more »

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Rubber Matting for Commercial and Industrial Floors

rubber matting for commercial spaces

Rubber matting for floors has many applications for just about any purpose. Whether looking for protection, safety, preservation, comfort, or ‘all of the above,’ rubber matting is the answer for any home or business in any residential, industrial, or commercial environment. When the weather turns to rain or snow, rolling out corrugated rubber matting in… Read more »

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What’s the Difference Between Open and Closed Cell Foam Sheets?

Accoustical Materials

An open and closed cell foam supplier may seem like a niche market, but the two types of foams have many industrial applications. More than selecting a rubber sheet or compound, each material has distinct structures to meet specific requirements, depending on the use. Foam, in general, is made from polymers such as polyurethane, polyethylene, EPDM… Read more »

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Why Buy Wholesale Rubber Crutch Tips (and What They’re Used For)

Crutch Tips

When it comes to rubber crutch tips, not much thought beyond their intended use generally comes to mind. Those who have been or are hobbled know how important the grip of a rubber crutch tip is. Nevertheless, rubber crutch tips have far more uses than their original intention for crutches, canes, and walkers. Businesses should… Read more »

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Reelcraft Distributors That Offer Competitive Pricing for Reels and Parts

Reelcraft reel handcrank

Manufacturer’s Rubber and Supply recognizes the important role that Reelcraft distributors play in the supply chain of Reelcraft products and parts. As a Reelcraft supplier, Manufacturer’s Rubber and Supply focuses on sourcing inventory in bulk directly from the manufacturer for our customers, clients, and distributors. As a Reelcraft distributor, we are positioned to offer competitive… Read more »