Winterize Your Vacation Home With Rubber Channels

Winterize Home with Rubber ChannelsAs the winter approaches, it makes sense to take as many steps as possible to ensure the coldest season is as stress-free as possible. For many, that means leaving your vacation home and heading home to somewhere warmer. If you’re one of the lucky individuals to have a vacation home that you can leave when temperatures get too cold, then you probably care enough to take good care of it. One easy way to prepare your home for the inevitable chill of winter is winterizing with an innovative little product called a rubber channel.

Winterize With Ease
Rubber channels are so common that you’ve probably seen them a thousand times and never known it. The biggest reason for this is their ability to camouflage and blend into the areas where they’re used. For you, this means an effective result without the frustration of other unsightly winterizing methods like window covers. Rubber channels are used as edging, inserted into corners and around windows and doors to keep the cold out and the warmth in, giving you peace of mind when you’re hours away.

Stay Cozy and Stress-Free
If you rent out your vacation home in the off-season, rubber channels will take the guesswork out of keeping the property cozy for your paying guests. Before you leave for the season, install rubber channels around all windows, unused doorways, and any other corners where you feel a draft. You can increase the effectiveness of this effort by replacing summer curtains for heavier winter varieties and putting down rugs on the floor to keep drafts from rising through floorboards.

Simplify With Rubber Channels
You already know the dangers of a cold house in winter. Pipes can freeze, furniture and floors can be ruined, and your house will need costly repairs which won’t even be possible until the snow melts. For that reason, winterizing is a high priority before you head to your home in a warmer climate. While you may already have some tried and true winterizing techniques, the addition of rubber channels helps simplify the routine. Rubber channels are made from a soft and rubbery material that resists weather conditions, ozone, and water – keeping it effective once it’s been installed. Best of all, rubber channels can be custom made to fit the difficult drafty areas of your home.

If you’re ready to order some rubber channels to prepare your vacation home for its winter hibernation, call Manufacturer’s Rubber today!

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