Why Buy Wholesale Rubber Crutch Tips (and What They’re Used For)

Crutch TipsWhen it comes to rubber crutch tips, not much thought beyond their intended use generally comes to mind. Those who have been or are hobbled know how important the grip of a rubber crutch tip is. Nevertheless, rubber crutch tips have far more uses than their original intention for crutches, canes, and walkers. Businesses should be aware of the versatility of rubber crutch tips for wholesale purchase and resale. Manufacturer’s Rubber & Supply offers a wide variety of rubber crutch, cane, and chair tips for wholesale purchase to retailers. Crutch tips have multi-functional applications for use in homes, classrooms, businesses, offices, and even industrial settings.

Unexpected Uses for Rubber Crutch Tips

Rubber crutch tips will act to securely grip and protect all surfaces from wear and tear, and scratches and chipping. Surfaces such as floors are subject to constant stress and wear from a variety of sources, outside and inside. Furnishing of all kinds can wreak havoc to floors and flooring. A bump of a chair, a pull of a coffee table, a push to the couch—objects can abruptly slip or slide—accidentally, unintentionally or intentionally.

Floor care is always a top priority whether for commercial or domestic dwellings. Protecting floors from outside debris, muck, and dirt being tracked inside is a concern that receives much attention. Doormats are found in front of most entrances to stores, shops, and office buildings. At the foot of near every household doorway, you’ll find a mat for people to wipe their feet and an adjacent spot to slip off their shoes. Why? Floors are a major investment. The longer they last the more the savings.

The irony is, despite the best efforts people take to protect their floors from outside elements being tracked across their floors, they often overlook the most obvious threat to damaging their floors. Table and chair legs and other furnishings often are overlooked as a potential source of floor damage until it’s too late. Unprotected furniture is subject to grind and grit and debris being mulled into your hardwood or tile floor’s finish daily, but the number one culprit in damaging floors is the deep scratches when furniture is dragged or pulled across floors.

Businesses in flooring or furnishing, domestic or commercial, can offer customers another layer of protection to their floors by offering rubber crutch tips for any furnishing—table legs, chair legs, and any other footings—to help prevent damage to carpet, vinyl, and hard surfaces of all kinds.

Rubber crutch tips are ideal to protect any surface that requires padding or cushioning. Just some of the applications for our rubber tips include crutches, canes, chairs, table legs, door stops, tube caps, trailer hitch guides, and pipe ends. They are a practical solution to an age-old problem of scratching and gouging of floors and other surfaces.

Manufacturer’s Rubber & Supply has a wide selection of rubber crutch tip sizes, colors, and thicknesses available to choose from. Tips are available in smooth (MRSS) or ribbed (MRSR) bottoms, and with or without a washer. These are high-quality products that always get the job done.

Order Rubber Crutch Tips Wholesale

When you order rubber crutch tips from Manufacturer’s Rubber & Supply, you can be sure that we offer durable, dependable products that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your customers. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, too. If you have been searching for dependable rubber products, including crutch tips, take advantage of our services today. Give us a call if you have any questions for the Manufacturer’s Rubber & Supply team or request a quote today.

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