The Importance of Roof Walkway Pads for Building Owners

Roof Walkway Pads for building safetyThroughout the year, there is a lot of maintenance that must be done in order for a flat roof to be entirely effective. Whether it’s a building maintenance check on rooftop fans, generators, or other equipment, it’s a job someone has to physically do during both the cooling and heating seasons.

Because of this continuous monitoring, one of the top causes of damage to flat roofs is foot traffic from maintenance crews with tools and equipment. Even the smallest puncture to the roof can cause a massive leak the leads to extreme damage to the interior of the building. The best way to minimize damage is limiting foot traffic and by laying down roof walkway pads on the areas of a roof leading up to any equipment that does need to be accessed.

Not only do roof walkway pads help preserve your roof to make it last for years to come, they also serve as a safety mechanism for the maintenance workers who walk on them. Walkway pads are often textured and a different color than the roof making the path visibly safe while the texture helps prevents accidents from slipping and falling.

At Manufacturer’s Rubber & Supply, we manufacture Tuff Trac TPO roof walkway pads and runners that offer a safe and economical method of protecting roofs from damage due to roof foot traffic. Our walkway pads are designed to help cushion the impact of repetitive foot traffic by protecting the underlying roof membrane from damaging incidents (i.e. tool drops). Our versatile Tuff-Trac TPO Diamond Plate walkway is designed to be compatible with single-ply TPO roof membranes and can be used on new and existing roofs.

To learn more about the economic and safety benefits of TPO roof walkway pads contact the experts at Manufacturer’s Rubber and Supply today!

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