We Sell Reelcraft: Why Buy Hose Reels in the First Place?

Reelcraft Hose ReelWhy should you buy a Reelcraft hose reel? Whether you run a small, one bay garage, a lawn care service or manage multiple manufacturing plants or even a shipping line, undoubtedly at some point, you’ve looked out and seen a variety of hoses—air, water, grease—laid out in a tangled mess, being dragged around, run over, tripped over, and cluttering up the workspace. This adds up to inefficiency, unnecessary wear, repair and replacement costs, and a safety hazard that could lead to costly medical bills and even a lawsuit. Here at Manufacturer’s Rubber & Supply, we recognize that problem and that’s why we are pleased to announce that we are launching the complete Reelcraft Hose Reel line of products.

Reelcraft is a worldwide industry leader in all hose reel manufacturing and meets the high standards of products we provide here at Manufacturer’s Rubber & Supply.

The Reelcraft Difference

First, the professional and commercial applications for Reelcraft hose reels are seemingly endless. That will allow us to meet your needs from industrial level manufacturing to small business management. Reelcraft is used in wide range of industries, from automotive, aviation, maritime, and fuel delivery to welding, agriculture, offshore oil rigs, robotics, and food processing, among others. Reelcraft offers reels for air hoses, oil hoses, water hoses, storage reels, vacuum reels, chemical reels, hydraulic reels, welding reels, fuel and gas reels, grounding reels, and grease, cord, and cable reels, along with tool balancers and hose reel accessories. Reels come in a variety of motor-driven, spring-driven or hand crank sizes, for whatever your needs may be.

Secondly, each Reelcraft product is designed for easy accessibility and to make your workspace more efficient, safer, and therefore more productive. Hoses will last up to five times longer. Proper hose management decreases labor, repair and replacement costs. More importantly, chance of injuries from such hazards as tripping or ungrounded electrical cables can be reduced, saving on lost work hours, higher insurance premiums and medical bills. No more cable and cord replacement costs due to constantly being run over repeatedly by forklifts, carts and other vehicles.

Finally, it’s about the “Reelcraft Difference.” Simply put, Reelcraft hose reels are better by design. Quality begins with modern engineering techniques to ensure maximum strength through design. They use better materials, test each product, and are committed to superior manufacturing practices and procedures. Reelcraft is ISO accredited since 1996 and its development of cutting-edge products leads the industry. Some of the standard features of our hose reels include reinforced steel-stamped guide arms, corrosive resistant paint, stress-free swivel, versatile connecting mounts, long-life spring drives, welded heavy gauge steel frame. The reels are also permanently factory lubricated to ensure a long lasting, service free life. The “Reelcraft Difference” then, is a commitment to excellence and durable, high quality engineered products.

Custom Built Reels

In addition to its extensive catalog of hose reel designs, products, and accessories, we will work with you and Reelcraft to custom build to your company’s specifications. Order from 1 to as many hose reels as your company may need. There is no minimum quantity.

Whatever your demand, we can build to meet for just about any size and-or weight constraint—for every type of condition or environment. We have a wide variety of pressure gauges ranging from 50 to 10,000 psi. We also provide special finish and paint options ranging from marine grad epoxy to liquid enamel coat paint. Though Reelcraft is well-known for its bright, fire engine red colored reels, we will paint any secondary or custom color for your company. Our paint will withstand the most rigorous conditions. Each part is uniformly coated with high-quality powder coat paint for a corrosive resistant finish that will last for years.

Reelcraft designs and builds fiber optic cable reels, multiple spool reels, multiple fluid path reels, sewer jetters, and pressure washer reels, to name a few, that has been applied in such diverse areas as marine, automotive manufacturing and maintenance, military, aviation industries, as well as hydro-seeding, sewer and well cleaning, offshore oil rigs, robotic cable. We also offer various drive types for your custom needs, from hand-over-hand cranks, to motorized, spring retractable, or manual driven cranks.

We invite you to contact us with any questions or to outline any needs you may have concerning hose reels. At Manufacturer’s Rubber & Supply we are committed to customer service.

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