Why Rubber Isolation Mounts are Used for Minimizing Shock and Vibration

isolating fan with isolation mountVibration Isolation is the process of isolating an object, such as a piece of machinery or equipment, from the source of vibrations. Vibration can wreak havoc in many domains, especially engineered systems and machines. There is often a need to reduce the transmission of vibration between two elements while still maintaining mechanical support. Manufacturer’s Rubber & Supply is your leading source for all of your rubber isolation mount needs. Below we discuss the isolation mount and why rubber is an ideal material for this application.

Isolation Mounts: What Do They Do?

Ultimately, the purpose of an isolation mount is to reduce the effects of vibration and noise on people, equipment, or the structure being engineered. A quality vibration isolator lowers the natural frequency of a system to below the disturbing frequency. Keeping these two frequencies out of sync vastly reduces the problems of vibration.

Vibration isolation mounts have many benefits. They can protect objects and sensitive components from affecting each other, isolate or reduce obnoxious and potentially damaging noise, improve the user experience, protect the human body and extend the life of the application, equipment or structure. Isolation mounts can be used for a variety of applications, including isolating fans, motors, pumps, machinery and compressors.

Why Rubber?

Why is rubber material the leading choice for vibration isolation? The ability to formulate rubbers with specific properties make it so versatile and useful in an almost limitless number of applications, let alone vibration and noise reduction. Rubber is especially valuable as a spring material because of its longevity, resilience, low cost, resistance to a wide range of temperatures, and ability to bond metals. Oh and let’s not forget its ability to reduce the transmission of both vibration and noise in harsh environments. Rubber can resist the heat and chemicals found in vehicle engines, and its resistance to swelling when immersed in liquids translates to underwater applications as well.

There are few limits to the industrial, consumer or scientific applications that isolation mounts can’t improve. Manufacturer’s Rubber & Supply is your first and last stop for top quality isolation mounts, including a wide range of noise and vibration control solutions. Our products are crafted with the closest attention to detail, using only the highest quality materials like molded and bonded rubber.

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