Manage Wires and Cords With Rubber Grommets

Rubber Grommets for Cord MangementIf you’re like most Americans, you live in a house with lots of electronics. Even if you aren’t a technology enthusiast, it’s likely that you own appliances like a toaster, blender, microwave, television, blow dryer, DVD player, and plenty of lamps to keep the house well lit. While all of these products offer their own unique and important benefits, they all have something in common which can contribute to general disarray in your home. Before you get all tangled up in this riddle, we’ll tell you exactly what we’re talking about; cords! Unless you live in one of the most futuristic homes on the block, your tables, desks, and counters all have cords on them, and probably more than you even realize. While some of the most popular “cord management” techniques include taping, pushing to the side, or ignoring entirely, there’s another method for preventing the tangle of cords and wires from all of your necessary electronics!

Tackle the Tangle
Admit it. You don’t like cords. They tangle together, take up space, and serve as a magnet for dust, debris, pet hair, and lint behind your furniture and appliances. One cord is bad enough – but when you’re dealing with 8 or 9, you’ve got a knot of confusion and a potential fire hazard. When it comes to cord management, the best system is to gather cords together in the middle, creating the same effect as a loose ponytail in hair, where all cords are held together in the middle of their length so that the plug ends can still be plugged. Ideally, the device holding the cords together will allow each cord to move and pull independently of the others so that one appliance being moved will not trigger a chain reaction of all appliances being moved. For this reason, potential solutions like taping the cords together will not be a sustainable plan. There’s a simpler solution, and it’s called a rubber grommet.

Choose Your Shape
Rubber grommets come in multiple sizes and shapes to accommodate different sizes of wires and cords. Oval grommets, horseshoe grommets, and multiple hole grommets are some of the most common. Additionally, grommets can be made of different materials to ensure safety and effectiveness in different conditions. For durability in any temperature, grommets can be made of isoprene or neoprene, for standard cord management in your home, natural rubber or silicone grommets will probably be ideal. No matter where you need to gather and streamline your wires or cords, there’s a rubber grommet to simplify the process and minimize the stress of a tangled mess.

Get Your Grommets
For serving such an important and helpful purpose, rubber grommets are cost-effective and highly versatile. Most households, businesses, and even industrial facilities will find that they require a wide range of different grommet sizes, shapes, and materials to suit different sizes of cords and wires. For this reason, it makes sense to order from a manufacturer who carries all different varieties and choices. Here at Manufacturer’s Rubber, we can offer more than 100 grommet choices, with options of shape, size, color, material, and more. If you need help selecting a rubber grommet for your application, contact us today!

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