Industry Feature: O-Rings in the Aviation Industry

O-Ring MaterialsAircraft depend on their O-rings, so it is crucial for aircraft engineers to use O-ring materials and designs that provide resilience in demanding elements. Extreme heat/cold and radical temperature fluctuations are just some of the hostile conditions of specific concern in the aerospace industry. Today we discuss some innovations in O-Ring materials that can prolong the service life of a jet engine and also save you money over the long haul.


Traditionally, fluorosilicone rubber has been the seal material of choice for jet fuel applications. It provides solid resistance to jet fuel and can seal all the way down to -100 F and up to 350 F. In the past, the drawback to fluorosilicone rubber was that O-Rings made from this material must be replaced annually or anytime the engine is serviced for maintenance or repair. However, Manufacturer’s Rubber & Supply fluorosilicone O-Rings utilize a new generation of this type of rubber that will prolong seal life and reduce the need to service your engine.


Fluorocarbon is another seal material that can prolong your engine’s service life. Fluorocarbon elastomers were first introduced in the mid-1950s. Since that time, they have grown to occupy a large portion of the seal industry. Due to their wide spectrum chemical compatibility and broad temperature range, fluorocarbon elastomers represent one of the most significant elastomer developments in recent history. The working temperature range of fluorocarbon is considered to be from -20 F to 400 F, and recent developments in the material formulation have even further improved the characteristics of this very useful seal material. The life of a fluorocarbon O-Ring can extend well beyond a typical fluorosilicone maintenance cycle.  

Standard fluorosilicone O-Rings and seals have been used for generations to seal jet fuel, but dramatically improved service life is achievable with fluorocarbon. Both options can significantly lower the maintenance cost associated with replacing O-Rings before regularly scheduled inspections.

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