9 Advantages of Buying Reelcraft Cord Reels

Reelcraft cord reel products make your cords last longer, saving you time and money and preventing safety risks. From hand-cranked reels to spring-driven and motor-driven reels, no matter your industry or application, using Reelcraft products can extend the lifespan of your cords while benefiting your business. In this blog, we’ll cover nine ways Reelcraft reels benefit manufacturers and how different reels serve different applications and industries.

What Does a Reelcraft Cord Reel Do?

Cord reels are rotating devices that store, unwind, and rewind cords, cables, and hoses. They consist of:

  • A drum that houses the wound cord
  • Discs to hold the cord on the drum
  • A frame with accessories to mount the cord
  • A mechanism for unwinding and rewinding the cord

Winding mechanisms may be hand-cranked or powered by springs or motors. Mounts allow cord reels to be secured on floors, walls, posts, ceilings, or equipment for specialized applications. For example, a lift reel can be mounted on a ceiling to lower and raise equipment.

How Do Reelcraft Reels Benefit Manufacturers?

Cord reels provide many benefits valuable to manufacturers:

  1. Limits cord exposure to the length of cord actually needed, keeping the unnecessary cord out of the way.
  2. Prevents cord tangling by automatically rewinding cords into the proper position.
  3. Protects cords from damage.
  4. Reduces safety risks of tripping over cords, sparking fires, or causing electrical shock.
  5. Extends cord lifespan by avoiding unnecessary exposure, use, and damage.
  6. Saves time unwinding and rewinding cords and mounting them in the proper position.
  7. Saves money by reducing the cost of cord replacement and minimizing labor spent managing cords.
  8. Allows cords to be mounted easily for convenient use.
  9. Supports specialized applications requiring cords and reels composed of particular materials or mounted in functional positions.

These benefits have made cord reels invaluable standard equipment for manufacturing companies.

What Types of Reelcraft Reels Are There?

Reelcraft cord reel products include models with a variety of winding mechanisms:

  • Hand-cranked reels
  • Spring-powered reels
  • Motor-powered reels

Reelcraft offers a wide range of product lines employing these reeling mechanisms:

  • Nordic Series 3900 reels, featuring a heavy-duty design with a motor-powered drive and auxiliary bevel crank
  • Series 3800 reels, featuring a heavy-duty design powered by electric, compressed air, or, hydraulic motor, suitable for refueling applications
  • Series 4000, 5000, and 5005 reels, featuring a compact, all-steel design for applications with critical space requirements
  • Series 7000 reels, featuring heavy-gauge steel frames that mount to most surfaces for indoor, non-weather tight applications
  • Series 70000 reels, featuring a heavy-duty hose base with an all-steel design and a corrosion-resistant finish
  • Series 80000, D80000, and 9000 reels, featuring high-temperature-operating reels and low-pressure rubber hoses for extreme air temperatures between -40 °F (-40 °C) and 212 °F (100 °C)
  • Series CT reels, featuring hand-cranked hose reels for light duty requiring longer lengths of high-pressure wash hose
  • Series CU reels, featuring hand-cranked hose reels for light duty requiring longer lengths of low-pressure air or water
  • Series L 4000, L 5000, L 7000 and L 70000 reels, featuring heavy-duty power cord reels
  • Series LD, LG, and LH reels, featuring designs for light and medium duty
  • Series PW, H18006 and 30000, featuring compact steel designs for pressure wash applications
  • Series RT, featuring lightweight spring-driven hose drives for medium duty
  • Series S, featuring a lightweight, retractable hose reel for continuous operations using wall, ceiling, or floor mounting
  • Series SD 10000, featuring a compact spring-retractable hose reel suitable for mounting in tight areas such as truck cabinets

Reelcraft’s extensive product range suits the needs of virtually any cord reel application.

Who Uses Common Applications of Reelcraft Cord Reels?

Reelcraft’s cord reel product lines support various applications across the manufacturing industry and other industries. Uses include:

  • Cord storage
  • Delivering power for lighting to dim indoor areas, garages, or remote outdoor areas
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Pressure washes
  • Refueling
  • Gas welding
  • Hazardous location applications involving combustible or explosive materials
  • Construction industry
  • Water treatment industry
  • Agricultural industry
  • Mining industry
  • Marine industry
  • Refining industry
  • Medical industry

Essentially, any application that requires frequent or specialized use of power cords, cables, or hoses can benefit from using cord reels.

Find the Right Reelcraft Cord Reels and Reelcraft Parts for Your Manufacturing Needs

Cord reels protect and preserve your cords, save time and money, improve safety, and make using cords for specialized applications easier. Reelcraft provides hand-cranked, spring-powered, and motor-powered cords for various applications and industries for light, medium, and heavy-duty applications.

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