5 Uses for Rubber Grommets (You Haven’t Thought of Yet)

Rubber Grommets online for DIY projectsDue to the many home renovation and decor shows on television, Do It Yourself (DIY) projects have become extremely popular. DIY projects allow you to complete smaller, more simple projects on your own instead of waiting for a professional. One simple product can help you fulfill a number of projects around the house: the rubber grommet. Below we discuss what the function of a grommet is and five uses for rubber grommets in your home (that you haven’t thought of yet!). Once you finish reading this blog, you will want to order your rubber grommets online today.

What is a Grommet?

Simply stated, grommets are used as hole reinforcements. They provide support to the shape of the hole and also act as a barricade between the hole’s material and the object which has to pass through it. For delicate materials, grommets improve the life of the hole by preventing rips or tears in the item passing through it.

5 Uses for the Rubber Grommet in Your Home

1. You run the shower and wait for the water to heat up, you can’t help but notice that the shower curtain is starting to fray again where the hooks meet the curtain’s rings. It feels like you just purchased this curtain only weeks ago, and it looks like it will have to be replaced! Not so fast! Did you know a rubber grommet ordered online can save the life of your shower curtain? Simply install the appropriately sized rubber grommet over the shower curtain rings, so it protects your curtain from wear and tear from the movement of the curtain rod. Not only will you get more life out of your shower curtain, the rubber grommet will prevent the shower rings from rusting with all of the water exposure.

2. Add functionality to your wardrobe by updating a pair of difficult-to-get-on rain boots with rubber grommets. Simply line up on your boots where you would like the grommets to be set, and cut out a hole or holes to set the grommets in place. Once the grommets are inserted, you can use these openings to easily pull on your boots and get out the door.

3. Most grocery and retail stores today will charge you for bags to carry out your purchased items. Create your own durable bags by inserting a wide rubber grommet near the opening of your canvas bag. These can serve as a sturdy handle/grip for the bag, or tie some rope to act as a handle.

4. Don’t let a little blustery weather ruin your good time at your next BBQ. Add a few rubber grommets to the edges of your tablecloth. Once you have spread your cloth over the table, thread some string or rope through the rubber grommets, and fasten your tablecloth down. The mighty rubber grommet strikes again!

5. Last but not least, the rubber grommet can be a great way to keep your cables and wires intact. Put the finishing touches on cable pass through holes on your computer desk with a rubber grommet, and protect the wires from abrasion that can occur over longstanding contact with the wood, metal or plastic surface of the desk. The rubber grommet can add years of life to your computer, saving you money in the long run.

So what are you waiting for? Start your next project by ordering your rubber grommets online today!

Photo:  BluPics

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