5 Advantages Of Using Rubber Grommets

Rubber Grommets for many applicationsYou may already know that grommets have many important uses but did you know that there are several types of grommets that differ in uses and advantages? New England’s rubber manufacturing experts at Manufacturer’s Rubber & Supply are here to educate you on the excitement and beauty of working with rubber grommets.

From reducing damaging vibrations under the hood of your car to covering the harmfully sharp edges of machinery you may encounter at work, grommets, also known as eyelets, are a simple part of everyday life. But what makes a good grommet different than a bad grommet, or better yet, what makes a good grommet from a better grommet? The answer is materials. Read on to discover the top 5 advantages of working specifically with rubber based grommets.

Rubber grommets are more weather resistant.
Think about it, do you really want something that’s protecting electrical wires and expensive machinery to be attached to a damaging, non-weather resistant metal? No. Rubber grommets offer no rusting and protection for any surprise warehouse leaks.

Rubber grommets are high-heat resistant.
For anyone who works in any type of warehouse, you know machines overheating is a common issue, especially when high electricity is involved. To ensure safety and protection for both expensive machinery and warehouse employees, rubber grommets should be used as they are safer than anything metal-based in high-heat environments.

Rubber grommets increase product durability.
Due to the fact that these grommets are made strictly out of rubber rather than metal, they reduce the amount of fraying or cutting off whatever is passing through the hole. No matter what type of material passes through–wire, rope, or cord–sharp edges should be avoided. Therefore, maximum protection is guaranteed when rubber grommets are present.

Rubber grommets are more flexible.
Did you ever think that the world could be a more ergonomically sustained environment if we all used rubber grommets? Didn’t think so. It turns out that the installation of rubber grommets is actually ergonomically better since you don’t have to manually screw the pieces into place.

Rubber grommets are quicker and easier to implement.
Not only do you not have to manually screw them into place, but they are even quicker and easier to install than certain other material based grommets. Rubber grommets are placed only on one side, so it’s not necessary to reach the opposite side of the installation to attach a nut lock.

Now that you know these helpful facts, go on out there and change your grommets! And remember: no matter what industry you work in or what project you are looking to complete, if you need rubber products, with Manufacturer’s Rubber & Supply, you have come to the right place.

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