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Need Rubber Grommets? Choose the Right Supplier in 3 Easy Steps


However common they may seem, grommets serve a wide range of applications. Grommets of all sizes can be found in common items from the hole you feed your shoelaces through to the metal rings on your shower curtain to electrical wires. Whether a grommet is made of rubber, plastic, or metal, it serves a dual… Read more »

The Importance of Roof Walkway Pads for Building Owners

Roof Walkway Pads for building safety

Throughout the year, there is a lot of maintenance that must be done in order for a flat roof to be entirely effective. Whether it’s a building maintenance check on rooftop fans, generators, or other equipment, it’s a job someone has to physically do during both the cooling and heating seasons.

5 Advantages Of Using Rubber Grommets

Rubber Grommets for many applications

You may already know that grommets have many important uses but did you know that there are several types of grommets that differ in uses and advantages? New England’s rubber manufacturing experts at Manufacturer’s Rubber & Supply are here to educate you on the excitement and beauty of working with rubber grommets. From reducing damaging… Read more »

Manufacturer’s Rubber & Supply Launches New Website

Manufacturer’s Rubber & Supply welcomes visitors to explore their new website which has been designed to offer a user-friendly experience. Featuring simpler navigation and improved functionality throughout, the newly launched website allows users to easily access detailed product information as well as helpful services and resources. Manufacturer’s Rubber & Supply, located in Brentwood, New Hampshire,… Read more »

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